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Find Tables

Functions to parse and locate tables with variables of interest

cens_find() cens_find_dec() cens_find_acs()
Find a decennial or ACS census table with variables of interest
Attempt to Parse Tables from a Census API
tables_sf1 tables_acs
Parsed Census SF1 and ACS Tables

Get Data

Functions to download and clean up data for a specific table and geography

cens_get_dec() cens_get_acs() cens_get_raw()
Download data from a decennial census or ACS table
Helper function to sum over nuisance variables
tidy_race() tidy_race_detailed() tidy_ethnicity() tidy_age() tidy_age_bins() tidy_income_bins() tidy_simplify() tidy_parens()
Tidy labels in census tables

Work with Noisy Estimates

A data type that keeps track of margins of error

estimate() is_estimate() as_estimate()
Estimate class
est_prop() est_pct_chg()
Specialized margin-of-error calculations
get_est() get_se() get_moe() to_rvar()
Extract estimates, standard errors, and margins of error
Format an estimate


Other package functions

Construct a Geography Specification for Census Data
Authorize use of the Census API