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easycensus 1.1.1

easycensus 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2022-08-25

  • Core functions renamed for a consistent cens_ prefix
  • Use censusapi instead of tidycensus for fewer dependencies
  • New estimate vector type that tracks uncertainty through mathematical operations
  • Expose parsed tables to users with a new cens_table type
  • More flexible geography options when downloading data. See cens_geo() for details.
  • Improved tidiers, including new income bin and detailed race tidiers

easycensus 0.2.0

  • CRAN resubmission

easycensus 0.2.0

  • Availability information for 1-year and 5-year ACS
  • Improve documentation and parameter organization
  • New tests

easycensus 0.1.0

  • Initial release
  • Functionality to search and download ACS and 2010 Census tables
  • Helper functions for recoding common variables and for marginalizing out nuisance variables