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Causal data frames

causal_tbl() new_causal_tbl() as_causal_tbl() is_causal_tbl()
Build a causal data frame
set_treatment() get_treatment() has_treatment() pull_treatment()
Define a treatment variable for a causal_tbl
set_outcome() get_outcome() has_outcome() pull_outcome()
Define an outcome variable for a causal_tbl
set_panel() get_panel() has_panel() pull_panel_unit() pull_panel_time()
Define a panel data structure for a causal_tbl

Special types

vctrs-friendly types that are useful for causal inference

causal_idx() new_causal_idx() is_causal_idx() as_causal_idx()
Construct a list of indices of type causal_idx
causal_mod() new_causal_mod() is_causal_mod()
Construct a fitted model column
get_model_fit() get_model_idx()
Extract the model object and observation indices from a causal_mod

Extend causal_tbl

Developer-facing functions